Body Info : The Lymphatic System

Q : Why do we need the lymphatic system ?
A: The lymphatic system transports toxins and unwanted materials through the colorless fluid called 'lymph', to be excreted by the body. It also functions to transport white blood cells (disease-fighting cells) to and from the lymph nodes and bone marrow. 

The lymph nodes act as scanners for diseases and are found mostly at the neck, armpit and groin regions. Lymph nodes can swell up due to reasons such as injuries, infections and cancers in serious cases. Swollen lymph nodes are usually tender and pain to touch. Sometimes, the skin covering swollen lymph nodes turns red and warm. 

It is important to ensure smooth flowing lymphatic system, not only for a healthier immune system but also for easier weight loss! This might be good news to all ladies out there who are working out very hard but see slow improvements in their weight loss progress, especially at the UPPER THIGHS and ARMPIT areas.

How to have better lymphatic circulation, you ask?

Now, because the lymph flows only in one direction which is aided by the contractions of our skeletal muscles, the very first way to improve our lymph circulation is to EXERCISE! Believe it or not, the best exercise that can help is jumping on a trampoline (REBOUNDING)! It is found that such exercise increases lymph flow by 15 to 30 times due to the gravitational pressure adding on to muscle contractions while jumping.

To elaborate more on the rebounding exercise, it is an exercise safe for almost anybody of any age! It doesn't hurt the knees like how other exercises do. It does not only improve blood and lymph circulation, but also have other benefits such as muscle toning, reduce stress and tension, lowers cholesterol and increases body co-ordination and balance. It's also super fun to do!

Here's a rebounding workout video for beginners!

If you can't find a trampoline nearby, doing some stretching and aerobic exercises is better than not doing anything!

You may hear this many times before, but WATER is the key to a better lymphatic system. Drink about 2 litres of water everyday. That excludes other drinks such as coffee, hot chocolates and juices.

Enzymes in RAW FRUITS and VEGETABLES are known to be lymph cleansers. So eat more fruits and greens, but eat them on an empty stomach for best results.

Sorry to all fans of DESSERTS and SOFT DRINKS but you have to ditch your favourite chocolate cake or sodas if you want a healthier lymphatic system!

You can also treat yourself to a relaxing MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE at a reputable spa centre every now and then to stimulate your lymph flow.

Last but not least, an interesting way of stimulating good lymph circulation is ALTERNATING COLD AND HOT SHOWERS. This is because hot water causes the lymphatic vessels to dilate while cold water contracts them, increasing peristalsis which causes flow of lymph in the vessels.

Do all these before it's too late, for a healthier and a more beautiful you! xx


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