The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village 1

Hello everyone! We have a good burger place to recommend and it is non other than THE DAILY GRIND. Since it is at the same level as their underground car park, it could be misleading to some people.  It is a fairly small restaurant located right at the corner at the lower ground (LG) level with a separated smoking area. If you are looking for variety and good burgers, this would be the perfect place for you.

These are some of the dishes that we have ordered while we were there!

 Dog's Dinner (RM12)

THIS. It is the yummiest Dog's Food we've ever tasted before. If you love Betty Midwest Kitchen's dog food, you would love this even more. It is cheesy and well seasoned. The portion was quite big considering this was shared among 7 person. The two dog bones in the picture are biscuits which were also very yummy! We definitely recommend this dish if you happen to visit them one day. 

Japanese Yodel Burger (RM35)

Love mushrooms? Love cheese fondue? This is the burger that you need! It is a combination of sautéed mushrooms,  mushroom tempura and cheese fondue sauce. AND of course a juicy and well seasoned beef patty. It comes with a side salad and some crispy hot fries. 

Triple Stack Burger (RM37)

This burger has basically everything that a burger needs. Between the burger buns, it has three 100g beef patties, cheddar cheese, beef bacon, fried egg, mushroom, sautéed onions. The beef patties are all juicy and everything tasted really well together. What's not to love about this burger? This burger also comes with a side salad and fries. 

Old Fashioned Waffles (RM18)

This is one of their signature dessert that can also be eaten as a main. It is pretty huge and inexpensive for that portion. If you like waffles, we would definitely recommend this. It is warm when served and comes along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a jar of maple syrup. They are also quite generous with the strawberries! 

On a side note, they also make their own ketchup and chilli sauce which taste pretty good! If you like it, you can even buy home a few bottles as they are also for sale. Their service were excellent as the waiters/waitress were very friendly and helpful. Plates were also changed for us before they served the waffles.

Bring someone along this weekend to The Daily Grind and check out their yummy burgers for yourself! This is our favourite place so far for burgers and waffles! We hope you have a great time and enjoy the weekend ahead. Till then, xx.

Acme Bar & Coffee Review @ Troika

     Finding for a romantic and classy place to dine in with your loved ones or friends? Acme Bar & Coffee would be the perfect place for you! Not only that the place looks beautiful but the price and portion of the food served is quite reasonable. The portion of the food at Acme was fairly big for us considering we are all pretty big eaters. Acme Bar & Coffee has 2 levels in which we were seated at the 2nd level of the restaurant. The 2nd level is smaller, quieter and has more privacy comparing to the 1st level. The menu offers quite a range of different type of food so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

We ordered 5 different types of main dishes and 1 dessert that night.

 Grilled marinated lamb shoulder (RM 43)

This plate of lamb shoulder was really really good. It was grilled with ABC kicap chilli marinade which made every bite very flavourful. The portion was humongous so if you're a small eater, it will be best to share this dish with someone. It comes with peas and shoestring fries which complements well as the side dishes. With such portion and flavour, we think that RM43 is quite reasonable!

 Mac and Cheese Hot Dog (RM25)

Mmm mmm, this mac and cheese hot dog right here is by far our favourite way of having a hot dog bun! The onion rings that comes along with it were so so good! It was crunchy and seasoned well. The bun had a good crust on the outside but soft on the inside. The mac and cheese lacks a little cheese but it still went very well with the hot dog bun together.

 Chicken Milanese Pasta (RM31)

This version of pasta has a lighter taste compared to the usual chicken/beef bolognese. To me, it was under seasoned for the pasta but if it was eaten along with the chicken, it was quite alright. Otherwise, the chicken was delicious.

Ala Moana Salmon Fillet (RM39)

This dish was a big disappointment for us as the salmon skin was burnt. The salmon fillet was not marinated well enough and under seasoned. The piece of salmon given to us was a very small piece. We would not recommend this dish unless you would not enjoy any of the other dishes available there.

Sizzling brownie and oreo ice cream (RM19)

Acme Bar & Coffee is famous for its sizzling brownie and we have heard many positive reviews about it. So we ordered it as our dessert but it turned out to be such a huge letdown. The cake was small and burnt at the bottom. There was not much to rave about as there are many other cafes out there that serve better cakes. To us, the oreo ice cream did not go quite well with the cake either.

If you happen to go to Acme Bar & Coffee, dishes that we would recommend would be their grilled lamb shoulder and mac and cheese hot dog. Let us know if you love them as well! We have yet to try their breakfast menu but we will review on it once we do. 

We hope this post would be helpful to all of you especially those who wants to check out Acme Bar & Coffee. Here is their address and contact number :

Acme Bar & Coffee
Unit G1 The Troika
19 Persiaran KLCC
50450 KL

Contact : +603 2162 2288

Till then, xx. 

Hail's Soft Serve @ Damansara Uptown

Hey guys!

Cafes and dessert places have been quite a trend these days so we thought we would share a great place for dessert and fellowship. We went to Hail's Soft Serve to check out what's the hype all about and oh boyyyy their soft serves were worth every single penny. It was quite empty when we got there since it was a Monday afternoon so we've managed to snap a few pictures of how it looks like inside!

The place has a very pretty design which I'm sure many girls would love. It was very clean with soft music playing in the background. It would make a very cozy place to enjoy some dessert on a hot and sunny day.

They had 3 different flavours that we could choose from; pink peppercorn, strawberry rose and black sesame. You can also have 2 different flavour in a cup/cone which is the twist version whereby you can choose a seasonal flavour mixed with Hail's signature flavour. 

Hail's soft serve menu and price

So we tried two different flavours while we were there, 

 Strawberry rose (RM 9.50 before GST)

Pink peppercorn with lemon pie combo (RM16.90 before GST)

   Even the presentation of the soft serve were so delicate and pretty which made us feel so bad for destroying it. Strawberry rose was one of their seasonal flavour where they will change every two weeks. It was our favourite flavour of the day as it tasted a lot like a frozen strawberry yogurt. Some soft serves could be too sweet for our liking but this one had just the right amount of sweetness. Very refreshing very yummy indeed. Another plus point, they used real strawberries in their strawberry rose soft serve so no artificial colouring. 

   On the other hand, their pink peppercorn was their signature flavour in which it had a very unique taste. On the first bite, a punch of pepper taste kicks in and then followed by the sweetness of a soft serve. But after the first few bites, the pepper taste didn't had that strong punch anymore and it tasted like a vanilla soft serve. We paired this flavour with a lemon pie combo which in our opinion, elevated the flavour of the pink peppercorn soft serve. The lemon curd and the vanilla crumbs complemented really well with the pink peppercorn. 

   You can also choose your own toppings in which the price varies according to what you pick. There are salted caramel popcorn, vanilla crumbs, meringues, coconut snow, sago pearls and many more topping choices that you can choose from. 

   Hail's Soft Serve is located along the shops in Uptown Damansara. You can check out their address below. We would definitely recommend this place for soft serves and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do! Till next time, xx.

Hail's Soft Serve
28, Jalan SS21/58, 
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Midi Skirts Pairings

Hey guys! We were very busy this few months so we didn't have time to write a new post. BUT, WE'RE BACK!

So midi skirts have been the trend these days and we personally love midi skirts as well. There are many blogshops that are selling very nice and affordable midi skirts now. Hence, we did two pairings of midi skirt for you peeps!

| Floral top - Rebecca Taylor | Pink midi skirt - Lavish Alice | Red sling bag - Tory Burch | Pearl bracelet - Gravitypope | Red heels - Net-A-Porter |

The pairing above involves one of the common piece of the range of midi skirts. It shows some of your skin but not revealing too much. It is great for dinner dates or a girls night! Pair it with a red suede pumps and a red sling to brighten up your whole look.  Making the whole outfit look less dull! Since midi skirt gives an elegant look, just put on a pearl bracelet as not much accessories are needed. 
| Black top - Alicia & Olivia | Garden pink top - Rebecca Taylor | Midi skirt - Les Nouvelles | Black heels - Browns | Pink clutch - Dorothy Perkins | Blue sling bag - Rebecca Minkoff | Black bracelet - Bauble Bar | Floral watch - DailyLook |

This pairing of the midi skirt gives a simple and elegant touch. We personally love textured plain colored midi skirts as they can be paired with easily! You could either go for a vintage look by pairing it with Rebecca taylors garden sleeveless top. If you opt for a more conservative look, pair the midi skirt with a plain black crop top. 

We chose both Rebecca Taylors GARDEN series of the tops because these pieces look so gorgeous and classy! Be sure to check them out! 

Till then, xx.

Nail ideas for Lunar New Year

Hello there! We have looked through pinterest and found a few interesting nail designs that you might like! Still not too late to paint your nails for the upcoming Lunar New Year!

All five of this designs is quite easy to do, so try it out and match it with your new outfit for the special occasion! 

Don't forget your nails while dressing up! xx

Top 10 wardrobe essentials

Hey ladies, it's a fashion post again this time! We think all of us girls need at least 5-10 basic wardrobe essentials for all kinds of pairings. So here's the 10 essentials that we think are useful and would be great for pairing from time to time.

1) Plain white tee : This is one of the most important piece that should be in all of our wardrobe. It's great for pairing with basically, ANYTHING. Depending what you pair it with, you will have a fun, edgy, cool, or even an elegant look! Wear it with a denim shorts for a casual and fun day out!

2) Little black dress : This dress here will save you from the all time first world problem - 'what to wear' . If you're unsure of what to wear, put on your little black dress! Add on some accessories to amp up your look.

3) Black leggings : These are great for a casual day out with friends or your loved ones. It gives a slimmer and longer visual of your legs!

4) Skinnies : Denim will never go out of season so this piece is a great keeper. You can keep them as long as you want without worrying if it will still look trendy after 10 years. Denim is great for pairing with tees, tank tops, or even a comfy hoodie! So if you don't already have at least one in your wardrobe right now, go get them now!

5) Plain skirt : Skirts always bring out the feminine side of girls. So if you are going for a sweet and feminine look, wear a skirt for that day! Besides, skirts are super comfortable to wear too!

6) Cardigan : If you're afraid of the cold, or if you want to hide your arms in that sleeveless blouse, put on a cardigan that suits you perfectly. There are many nice cardigans of different colour choices out for sale these days so go get one if you haven't! It softens the look and can be worn over almost everything.

7) Romper :  Im sure all of you have days when you feel lazy to dress up! So a romper should definitely be in our wardrobe. Just put on your favorite romper and still look effortlessly chic! All you need to do is just put on some of your favorite accessories and a hairband to get you going for the day.

8) Brown bag : Brown bags never go out of fashion, just like denims! They look good on any outfit be it for brunch or an expensive night out. Add this to your top 10 wardrobe essentials!

9) Ballerina flats : Ballerina flats are must haves for every girl! It's good to let your legs take a day or two off from your five inches high heels. Its great for shopping time when you need to do a lot of walking for the day.

10) Classic pumps : This pair of heels flatters your entire look once you put them on. It makes your legs appear longer and it gives an elegant touch to the outfit. There are plenty of other colors to these pumps these days so you can pick any color that will look great for any outfits.

It's not too late to get your top 10 wardrobe essentials now!

Have a great day ahead peeps, xx

Oufits for Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year)

Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) is just around the corner! So let's celebrate this festive season in style! For those who don't celebrate this festival, these are also outfits you can wear for any events!

We've chosen this red top to pair with a white skirt to match the Chinese New Year color theme. This outfit gives a vibrant and energetic look yet looking classy. The grey bag tones down the bright red color.

red top - Forever21 | white skirt - n.a | red pumps - KurtGeiger | necklace - Tiffany&Co | arm candy - BodyCentral | grey bag - Lipsy

You can also opt for GOLD for those who don't like the typical bold RED color.  Complete this sweet and feminine look by putting on a baby pink lip color!

gold top - Kaufmanfranco | yellow skirt - ForeverNew | collar necklace - GemmaLister | white bag - HenriBendel | sandals - SteveMadden | flats - SteveMadden | pink lipstick - Lancome

This high-waisted shorts paired up with either one of the white tops gives a casual yet presentable and elegant look. Pair with gold accessories and red lipstick to enhance the look! 

white jeweled top - GiambatisttaValli | white plain top - RiverIsland | shorts - MissSelfridge | bag - LKBenett | heels - Wallis | red lipstick - NewLook | bracelet - ForeverNew | dove earrings - Diva

Don't like wearing skirts and shorts? This fourth pairing would be great for you! Chinese New Year is all about fun so we've decided to pair this printed bird top with white skinnies which gives out a fun and happy aura. The blue pumps with gold tip and accessories enhances this look even more!

top - Tibi | white pants - Closed | blue pumps - n.a | bangles - SaintMartin | bag - Reiss | earrings - HenriBendel

Till then! xx