Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Ever felt like there is nothing left to give or make for your boyfriend of many years or husband during special occasions? Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I'm sure many of you would be having trouble thinking of what to get this time! Well, fret not! We've got some ideas that may give you an inspiration of what to do or get.

First of all, make sure you know your partner's personality and character well. To us, there are two main categories of men: 

1. one that appreciates and prefers DIY stuff like homemade cards, scrapbook or handmade photo frames to receive as a gift on Valentines,

2. there are also those who do not see the meaning behind all this gifts. So don't waste time making DIY stuff for those who do not fancy these things, but instead buy them gifts that they've been longing for or something that both of you could wear it out as a couple. 

Here are 5 gift ideas for the men who prefers handmade stuff

1) A handmade scrapbook which consists of the photos and memories of the both of you. 

 Find out what materials were used and check out the template used for this scrapbook here.

A cuter version!

2) Cute fruit roll-ups with love notes inside! 

Who could resist this cute way of expressing your love?! Here's how to do it!

3) Make him love coupons that lasts for two weeks!

How cute can this little coupons be! Add in activities that you both love doing together! Download the template here

 You will probably love this one too! Check out the template for this coupon here.

4) Handpick 14 sentimental gifts and wrap it all in one big box!

Who doesn't love presents? Even better, 14 of them at one go! It doesn't have to be expensive, but a sentimental gift or just something that he likes even if it's just a pack of chocolate chip cookie would be great! Put it all in one big box and he will have fun unwrapping each individual gifts one by one!

5) Cupcakes!

Bake him this lovely set of cupcakes and he will definitely appreciate the effort you put in! You can find the recipe here.

Here are the other 5 gift ideas for men who prefer things that they can use!

1) Wallet

Wallets are great as gifts for men and if you want to put some meaning into the gift, insert a picture of both of you in the clear compartment of the wallet! You can find the Gucci wallet here. For a cheaper version, the brown leather wallet is great too! 

2) Bring him for a vacation by the beach.

Maldives would be a great place to go for a vacation! Of course, there's not only Maldives, but other beaches will do too! While you're there, why not cook a few of his favorite dishes and pack it along to have picnic by the beach as well! 

3) Watches

Get him a couple watch! It would be a great gift as it means together-ness especially for this special occasion. You can get this pair of watches here.

4) Set up a candlelight dinner just for the both of you and cook for him!

What could be more romantic than a simple candlelight dinner at your place? He would be happy to have you cook for him and spend the night together in such a cosy environment. Watch both your favorite movie together after a great dinner. 

5) Get model kits for your men if they love to collect them! 

Assemble the model kits together with your partner and I'm sure they will be glad to have you spend time and fix it with them!

We hope this ideas will help you out a little! Till then,  xx


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