Guide to Bras

Psst! If you don't want to be caught by a fashion police because you are showing off your hideous bra straps to everyone, or if you don't know what bras to wear for certain outfits, please continue reading! We've got just what you need!


Want to show a deeper cleavage while wearing a low V dress? Try on a push-up bra for a lift as it has paddings designed to push the bust !

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Feeling self-conscious because the outline of your bra is showing when wearing a t-shirt? Seamless bra is the solution to your problem while providing you ultimate support and comfort as well!


Try multi-way bras for halter tops, low back and racer back tops! The straps are not fixed on the bra and can be worn in any style you want.


Don't risk stretching your breast tissues while exercising! A sports bra provides extra support when you are exercising as it reduce impact and breast bounce.

Love your body, love your boobs! xx


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