Top 10 wardrobe essentials

Hey ladies, it's a fashion post again this time! We think all of us girls need at least 5-10 basic wardrobe essentials for all kinds of pairings. So here's the 10 essentials that we think are useful and would be great for pairing from time to time.

1) Plain white tee : This is one of the most important piece that should be in all of our wardrobe. It's great for pairing with basically, ANYTHING. Depending what you pair it with, you will have a fun, edgy, cool, or even an elegant look! Wear it with a denim shorts for a casual and fun day out!

2) Little black dress : This dress here will save you from the all time first world problem - 'what to wear' . If you're unsure of what to wear, put on your little black dress! Add on some accessories to amp up your look.

3) Black leggings : These are great for a casual day out with friends or your loved ones. It gives a slimmer and longer visual of your legs!

4) Skinnies : Denim will never go out of season so this piece is a great keeper. You can keep them as long as you want without worrying if it will still look trendy after 10 years. Denim is great for pairing with tees, tank tops, or even a comfy hoodie! So if you don't already have at least one in your wardrobe right now, go get them now!

5) Plain skirt : Skirts always bring out the feminine side of girls. So if you are going for a sweet and feminine look, wear a skirt for that day! Besides, skirts are super comfortable to wear too!

6) Cardigan : If you're afraid of the cold, or if you want to hide your arms in that sleeveless blouse, put on a cardigan that suits you perfectly. There are many nice cardigans of different colour choices out for sale these days so go get one if you haven't! It softens the look and can be worn over almost everything.

7) Romper :  Im sure all of you have days when you feel lazy to dress up! So a romper should definitely be in our wardrobe. Just put on your favorite romper and still look effortlessly chic! All you need to do is just put on some of your favorite accessories and a hairband to get you going for the day.

8) Brown bag : Brown bags never go out of fashion, just like denims! They look good on any outfit be it for brunch or an expensive night out. Add this to your top 10 wardrobe essentials!

9) Ballerina flats : Ballerina flats are must haves for every girl! It's good to let your legs take a day or two off from your five inches high heels. Its great for shopping time when you need to do a lot of walking for the day.

10) Classic pumps : This pair of heels flatters your entire look once you put them on. It makes your legs appear longer and it gives an elegant touch to the outfit. There are plenty of other colors to these pumps these days so you can pick any color that will look great for any outfits.

It's not too late to get your top 10 wardrobe essentials now!

Have a great day ahead peeps, xx


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