Acme Bar & Coffee Review @ Troika

     Finding for a romantic and classy place to dine in with your loved ones or friends? Acme Bar & Coffee would be the perfect place for you! Not only that the place looks beautiful but the price and portion of the food served is quite reasonable. The portion of the food at Acme was fairly big for us considering we are all pretty big eaters. Acme Bar & Coffee has 2 levels in which we were seated at the 2nd level of the restaurant. The 2nd level is smaller, quieter and has more privacy comparing to the 1st level. The menu offers quite a range of different type of food so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

We ordered 5 different types of main dishes and 1 dessert that night.

 Grilled marinated lamb shoulder (RM 43)

This plate of lamb shoulder was really really good. It was grilled with ABC kicap chilli marinade which made every bite very flavourful. The portion was humongous so if you're a small eater, it will be best to share this dish with someone. It comes with peas and shoestring fries which complements well as the side dishes. With such portion and flavour, we think that RM43 is quite reasonable!

 Mac and Cheese Hot Dog (RM25)

Mmm mmm, this mac and cheese hot dog right here is by far our favourite way of having a hot dog bun! The onion rings that comes along with it were so so good! It was crunchy and seasoned well. The bun had a good crust on the outside but soft on the inside. The mac and cheese lacks a little cheese but it still went very well with the hot dog bun together.

 Chicken Milanese Pasta (RM31)

This version of pasta has a lighter taste compared to the usual chicken/beef bolognese. To me, it was under seasoned for the pasta but if it was eaten along with the chicken, it was quite alright. Otherwise, the chicken was delicious.

Ala Moana Salmon Fillet (RM39)

This dish was a big disappointment for us as the salmon skin was burnt. The salmon fillet was not marinated well enough and under seasoned. The piece of salmon given to us was a very small piece. We would not recommend this dish unless you would not enjoy any of the other dishes available there.

Sizzling brownie and oreo ice cream (RM19)

Acme Bar & Coffee is famous for its sizzling brownie and we have heard many positive reviews about it. So we ordered it as our dessert but it turned out to be such a huge letdown. The cake was small and burnt at the bottom. There was not much to rave about as there are many other cafes out there that serve better cakes. To us, the oreo ice cream did not go quite well with the cake either.

If you happen to go to Acme Bar & Coffee, dishes that we would recommend would be their grilled lamb shoulder and mac and cheese hot dog. Let us know if you love them as well! We have yet to try their breakfast menu but we will review on it once we do. 

We hope this post would be helpful to all of you especially those who wants to check out Acme Bar & Coffee. Here is their address and contact number :

Acme Bar & Coffee
Unit G1 The Troika
19 Persiaran KLCC
50450 KL

Contact : +603 2162 2288

Till then, xx. 


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